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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kid trend: staying sanitized?

First it was Silly Bandz and now it's pocket hand sanitizers? Who knew that these tiny "PocketBac" Anti-Bacterial sanitizing gels by Bath and Body Works would be the next big thing?

 My nieces were the first to introduce me to this new trend. They informed me that you must have the PocketBac carrier to attach to your backpack. And of course, the more you have the cooler your backpack will look.

 Right now you can get 5 mini sanitizers for $5 and the rubber cases for them are only $2. Each one is blinged out and decorated which gives them even more kid-appeal. They also come in scents like Caramel Coconut Whip, Phantom Pumpkin and Candy Corn (just in time for halloween). All way to sweet for my taste, but perfect for the kiddos in your life.

Anyone else have kids who are into this trend?  I have to wonder what is next...oral hygiene? One can hope, right?

You will find these at any Bath & Body Works store or online HERE

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